Space Marketing Podcast with Steve Wolfe from Beyond Earth Institute PART 2
Space Marketing PodcastOctober 16, 202300:45:29

Space Marketing Podcast with Steve Wolfe from Beyond Earth Institute PART 2

Join Izzy as she delves into PART 2 of the future of space exploration with Steve Wolfe, President and Co-founder of the Beyond Earth Institute. 

The Beyond Earth Institute is a non-profit think tank focused on preparing for the future of humanity beyond our home planet. They conduct research, provide analysis, and offer recommendations on space policy proposals with implications spanning from the near-term to the next hundred years.

Policy plays a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of space development, and understanding its dynamics is crucial for what awaits us in the cosmos. In this interview, we explore what the Beyond Earth Institute is doing to pave the way for human habitation and work beyond Earth.

In Part 1, we got to know Steve Wolfe and his journey to space policy. Let’s head into part 2 of our interview with Steve and begin with the question that will be at the heart of our space future and the Beyond Earth Symposium in Nov 1-2. 

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Co-founder and President of Beyond Earth Institute

November 1-2, 2023

American University Washington School of Law

Washington, DC

Beyond Earth video

GSA Spaceport Summit


02:26 Beyond Earth Symposium

02:52 Frank White, author of the Overview Effect

03:35 Peter Garretson, Senior Fellow in Defense Studies, American Foreign Policy Council

04:06 Lt General John Shaw

05:07 Keynote Ken Bowersox, NASA Associate Administrator for Space Operations

05:36 International Space Station

06:05 VAST

07:00 Elon Musk

12:50 Gaia Hypothesis

15:06 Steve’s book - The Obligation: A Journey to Discover Human Purpose on Earth and in the Cosmos

15:44 Outreach Challenges

23:00 BRIC and policy

25:32 The importance of supporting space efforts

27:14 What drives elected officials

28:13 Space STEM

28:45 Where’s our Greta?

29:17 Space debris and mitigation

32:10 Not science fiction, but science future

32:37 Why are we spending resources to go to space? 

34:24 So called “Billionaire’s playground”

36:39 Space is no longer just based on government spending

38:22 Final thoughts


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