Strategic Space Marketing
Space Marketing PodcastMay 09, 202400:40:34

Strategic Space Marketing

Join Izzy as she chats with Kimme Golash with Strategic Space Marketing! She is embarking on a new journey in her marketing journey and has developed a business to support space businesses and their marketing team. 

A company can experience times of overload as they are approaching milestone moments. Kimmee’s company can come in to support the marketing team or act as a marketing partner in order to grow. 

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01:14 Introduction

02:17 Meet Kimmee

03:18 Passion for working with small space companies

04:37 Strategic Space Marketing

08:37 Marketing team of one

10:26 Creating marketing for an event

11:32 Social Media engagement

13:49 Social media algorithm

14:13 Marketing challenges 

19:16 Market to your investors

21:21 Favorite marketing Strategy or tactic - Events

26:20 Developing a relationship where companies can benefit each other

28:36 The next 10 to 20 years

32:46 The importance of space for Everyone, not just people in the space industry

36:11 Final Thoughts


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