How to attract investors
Space Marketing PodcastApril 25, 202400:56:20

How to attract investors

Join Izzy as she chats with Jeffrey Ugbah at Galaxy Digital about how to attract an investor for a space company.

Back a few months ago, a podcast listener reached out and asked for an episode that focused on what investors are looking for in a company and what are some marketing tips to attract them. Here it is! 

Izzy chats with Jeffery Ugbah, Director at Galaxy Digital, a venture capital company. They talk about what investors look for in a space company. 


Jeffery Ugbah 

Director at Galaxy Digital


01:15 Introduction to Jeffery Ugbah

03:48 Jeffrey's journey to space

08:54 Galaxy Digital

11:15 Why is the space industry interesting to investors?

14:15 How important is marketing and branding of a potential company to an investor?

19:00 What does a lack of branding say to investors?

21:05 Value of telling your story

22:48 The whole package

25:30 How does space differ from tech in expected growth?

28:57 Increase or decrease in first level Series A seed funding for space investments?

30:54 How do you find investors/investees? 

35:37 Keeping your business a secret

38:12 Pitfalls that make companies undesirable to investors

42:12 How much percentage should a founder keep during a round?

43:43 Market fit

47:16 Bring in a marketing professional from the beginning of the development

48:42 Future of space

51:27 Final Thoughts



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