About The Show

Space Marketing Podcast is where we explore marketing principles, strategies, and tactics through the lens of space. Join Izzy House as she talks with space industry professionals about their challenges and successes with marketing in the new space economy.

 We launch this series where space begins, at our spaceports. The first series in the space marketing podcast focuses on communication and marketing efforts within the spaceport industry. The guests are spaceport industry professionals that are at different stages in the development of their facility. We will discover what works and what to avoid from leaders around the globe as they build our gateways to space.

About the Host

Izzy House

Author of the book - Space Marketing: Competing in the new commercial space industry.

Space Marketing is at the heart of Izzy’s career. She combined both of her passions of marketing and space into one expertise. With an extensive marketing background, she turns the lens of marketing onto the space industry. Armed with 20+ years of experience in public affairs, outreach, and marketing, Izzy aims to empower and inspire dreams of space while making the planet a better place to live.

For more information, visit her webpage at izzy.house!