Marketing a 360 strategy
Space Marketing PodcastMay 30, 202400:44:38

Marketing a 360 strategy

Join Izzy as she chats with Laura Smith, Marketing Manager at Benchmark Space Systems about developing a 360 strategy at a tradeshow and how to get the most exposure and connection at a tradeshow to develop deep relationships with clients. 


Laura Smith

Marketing Manager

Benchmark Space Systems


01:20 Introduction to Laura Smith

02:38 Laura received a copy of Izzy’s Space Marketing book

03:51 Community of Marketers

04:41 Marketing equals storytelling

06:37 Spiritual side of space

08:47 Climate Crisis - we need space to see it in order to fix it

10:08 Do space responsibly and do it right

11:33 Laura’s marketing position at Benchmark Space Systems - green technology in propulsion

12:31 Optimizing the mission and providing mission services for a satellite’s full lifecycle

15:13 Creating a business around your audience and their needs

17:35 Trade shows and conferences as a 360 marketing strategy

18:42 Thinking about the long games, building trust, messaging, pre-event activities, news releases, speaking, live demos, and sponsoring

22:56 Creating a fun experience and developing a relationship with attendees

24:11 Training and preparing the staff for speaking and presentation

24:59 Post-event debriefing and developing the ROI for the event

25:42 Giving your team the tools to develop great relationships

28:15 Marketing Challenges - It is OK to say you do not know 

29:32 Marketing Challenge for space - Creating visuals of in-orbit products and homogenization of the visuals across the space brands

31:17 Trust is everything

32:06 Marketing in space versus other industries 

32:52 Encouraging new conversations

35:24 Space in the next 10-20 years - more problems solvers and more voices

37:58 Final Question

40:17 See Change Sessions bringing diverse thought conversation

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