Crafting a Stellar Speaker Proposal
Space Marketing PodcastJuly 04, 202400:34:53

Crafting a Stellar Speaker Proposal

Getting your brand on stage at an event is a powerful marketing strategy. But how do you get selected to speak? Join Izzy to find out with guest Tina Leighty, Content Manager and Program Chair for SpaceCom.

They will talk about what an organizer looks at when selecting speakers and how to make your presentation proposal rise to the top of the submissions. Tina and Izzy will discuss crucial DOs and DON’Ts for aspiring panelists and keynote speakers, offering insights that can transform your approach to event speaking opportunities. 

Commercial Space Week - January 27-31, 2025 in Orlando, FL 

SpaceCom | 51st Space Congress -

Space Mobility Conference -

GSA Spaceport Summit -

Call for speaker presentations - DEADLINE: JULY 10, 2025

Izzy’s TINA Talk -


01:12 Introduction

02:16 Meet Tina Leighty from SpaceCom Content Manager and Space Congress Program Chair

03:52 Tracks at SpaceCom and Space Mobility Conference

05:23 Speaking at SpaceCom 

07:38 Getting interesting speakers and keynotes

09:12 Selecting panelists and TINATalks

09:54 Benefits of Speaking

11:56 Speaking is about the audience, not about selling your company

13:48 Filling out the speaker presentation proposal

19:21 Things to avoid in your proposal

20:24 The rating system for approval (how your paper can move to the top)

22:37 The criteria

26:46 Advice for would-be presenters

29:54 Toastmasters


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