Space Marketing Podcast with Steve Wolfe from Beyond Earth Institute
Space Marketing PodcastOctober 04, 202300:30:39

Space Marketing Podcast with Steve Wolfe from Beyond Earth Institute

Join Izzy as she delves into part 1 of the future of space exploration with Steve Wolfe, President and Co-founder of the Beyond Earth Institute. 

The Beyond Earth Institute is a non-profit think tank focused on preparing for the future of humanity beyond our home planet. They conduct research, provide analysis, and offer recommendations on space policy proposals with implications spanning from the near-term to the next hundred years.

Policy plays a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of space development, and understanding its dynamics is crucial for what awaits us in the cosmos. In this interview, we explore what the Beyond Earth Institute is doing to pave the way for human habitation and work beyond Earth.

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Co-Founder and President of Beyond Earth

Author of The Obligation: A Journey to Discover Human Purpose on Earth and in the Cosmos

November 1-2, 2023

American University Washington School of Law

Washington, DC

Krunal Joshi, Counsellor, Space at Embassy of India, ISRO Representative in USA

Hague Institute - Washington Compact

GSA Spaceport Summit

Op-Ed article


High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space written by Gerard K. O'Neill.


Northrop Grumman

Orbital Reef



Government Agencies:



Department of Commerce


01:10 Introduction

02:41 Steve’s space journey


08:41 Space Settlement Act of 1988

09:46 NASA Authorization Bill

11:22 Beyond Earth Institute

12:11 Three pillars - Technologies, Financing, and Policy

16:30 Goal of the Beyond Earth Symposium

NASA - Commercial LEO

24:28 Mission Authorization

25:43 India and other countries landing on the Moon

26:06 What are government roles and responsibilities

27:00 International Speakers

27:48 Big Question 


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