Space Marketing Podcast with Matt Bailey - CEO of Sitelogic and Host of Endless Coffee Cup Podcast
Space Marketing PodcastDecember 21, 202200:58:46

Space Marketing Podcast with Matt Bailey - CEO of Sitelogic and Host of Endless Coffee Cup Podcast

This episode is a dual-podcast with Matt Bailey from the Endless Coffee Cup Podcast. We discuss the innovations and inspiration of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Dubai as they take the stage in space and marketing. Space Marketing Podcast and Matt’s podcast are both members of the Marketing Podcast Network.


Matt Bailey

CEO & Founder of SiteLogic

Host for the Endless Coffee Cup Podcast


Matt teaches people how to turn marketing data into action. He shows how to find the story in the data and effectively communicate that story through persuasion, influence, and presentation skills.

Digital marketing Instructor and trainer. He is currently working with New Media Academy.

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Endless Coffee Cup is a discussion of marketing news, culture, and media for our complex digital lifestyle. With a wide range of marketing topics, we bring insights beyond the headlines, and a challenge to “ask why.”

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72ND INTERNATIONAL ASTRONAUTICAL CONGRESS October 2021, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Abu Dhabi Space Debate


 Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE

A global debate defining the future of space. an important new global forum for the space industry, nations, business leaders and policy makers to come together and forge real consensus and address the issues facing growth and innovation in space.

Abu Dhabi Space Debate hosted representatives of the world’s fast-growing space industry together with the President of Israel and under the Patronage of the President of the UAE at the inaugural event

17th International Conference On Space Operations

March 6-10, 2023


The UAE sent the Hope spacecraft to Mars February 2021, had its first astronaut to space in 2019, and has plans for the Arab world’s first longest-duration space mission next spring. 


UAE was elected to chair the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. Omran Sharaf, the Emirati engineer who led the Mars mission, was chosen to lead the committee for the UAE.


As of today, more than 3,100 people are employed across 80 government and private organisations in the space sector in the UAE, double the figure from 2019.


Blue Origin has its eye on UAE desert for spaceport

Virgin Galactic signed an agreement with the UAE in 2019 for a spaceport. 

Museum of the Future


Artemis Program


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