Space Marketing Podcast with Christopher Allison with Sierra Space
Space Marketing PodcastDecember 14, 202200:52:11

Space Marketing Podcast with Christopher Allison with Sierra Space

Chris Allison from Sierra Space is our guest on this episode of the Space Marketing Podcast. Sierra Space focuses on the next phase of commerce between LEO (lower Earth orbit) and Earth with plans of providing transportation solutions for the next era of space with the Dream Chaser program.


The need for transportation to and from space is great and growing at a fast speed. Horizontal launch spaceports are part of the solution for the next phase of the commercial space industry. You just cannot have a conversation about space transportation without talking about Sierra Space’s Dream Chaser. So, give a listen! 


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Images and videos provided by Sierra Space, Orbital Reef and Sierra Nevada Corp.


Christopher Allison

Senior business development manager for commercial markets

Sierra Space



1:49 `Begin Interview

1:52 Sierra Space introduction

3:37 About the two Dream Chasers

DC 100 Dream Chaser Cargo

DC 200 Dream Chaser Crew

5:31 Disruptive capabilities

6:11 Integrate into airports

6:44 Space Tango and RedWire

7:36 Spaceport regulations

8:38 Huntsville

8:55 Spaceport Cornwall

9:41 Japanese Oida Prefecture ???

10:30 ISS flights in 2023

10:45 Space Florida

11:37 Spaceport recommendation

14:47 Orbital Reef

17:11 Habitat

19:31 Beyond LEO

22:17 The world’s space programs

23:46 Governance and oversight

24:32 Safety

26:47 Multi-year process

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28:52 Marketing

31:46 Non traditional avenues

32:34 Booth

33:49 Marketing challenges

35:30 National Security regulations

36:15 Career opportunities

38:24 Looking 20-30 years in the future

44:35 Advice to companies

47:37 Thoughts for the day


Sierra Nevada Corporation

Blue Origin

Orbital Reef


International Space Station

Space Tango

CLD designation – Commercial Leo Destination

Governance and oversight:

National Space Council

White House

Department of Commerce




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