Space Marketing Podcast - Shannon Clement - Fractional CMO Leadership
Space Marketing PodcastApril 18, 202400:41:43

Space Marketing Podcast - Shannon Clement - Fractional CMO Leadership

Join Izzy on the Space Marketing Podcast as she chats with Shannon Clement about a unique workforce solution for start-up and scale-up businesses to hire marketing professionals. It's called fractional leadership, offering a hybrid staffing model that combines the advantages of an in-house Chief Marketing Officer with those of a contract professional.


Shannon Clement

Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Engagement Marketing 


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Shannon helps organizations position themselves for growth, drawing on 20 + years of experience in creating digital marketing and product development strategies that have resulted in highly converting online assets and campaigns. The journey from Start-up to Scale-up can be difficult but it doesn't have to be painful.

As a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer & Marketing Agency Owner, Shannon has supported organizations and businesses in the growth stage looking for positioning help & support gaining further market traction. She also serves as a marketing consultant to Start-up Founders through various Accelerator and Incubator programs, guiding them to develop their marketing strategy. 


01:24 Meet Shannon Clements from Engagement Marketing

03:22 Shannon’s journey to space

07:06 Shannon’s journey to marketing

09:18 Starting with Start-ups

10:08 Fractional Leadership

14:27 Reducing costs

15:51 Fractional Leadership is not for everyone

17:44 Start-ups

19:37 Women’s Aerospace Network

21:44 Women in leadership

24:47 Dominant Information Solutions Canada (DISC)

26:38 Fun bits of marketing - translating the message

29:59 Companies transitioning into the space industry

31:23 Understanding the audience and their language

32:29 Space industry in 10 to 20 years

36:31 Final thoughts


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Dominant Information Solutions Canada (DISC) developing satellite cybersecurity telemetry hardware called eClypse.

CySat 2024

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