Space Marketing Podcast - Oscar Garcia with InterFlight Global
Space Marketing PodcastOctober 18, 202300:45:45

Space Marketing Podcast - Oscar Garcia with InterFlight Global

🎙️ Welcome to an exciting episode of the Space Marketing Podcast, featuring Oscar Garcia, the founding Partner, Chairman, and CEO of InterFlight Global Corporation. Tune in as we explore the world of space transportation and the strategies that InterFlight Global Corporation will discuss for developing Spaceport-Connectivity for the U.S. and beyond.

In this episode, we'll deep-dive into four main flight technologies: Transonic, supersonic, hypersonic, and orbital and talk about the unique aspects of each technology that is changing space transportation.

And that's not all! Join us as Oscar Garcia will be presenting at the upcoming Space For Kentucky events. In Part 1 on October 26, he will present insights on point-to-point transportation, offering a roadmap for developing spaceports. In Part 2 on November 30, we'll focus on horizontal launch spacecraft, aircraft, or aerocraft, exploring the exciting potential of this technology.

Stay tuned for an enlightening discussion on the future of space transportation and the transformative impact it will have on our world! 

Oscar Garcia

Chairman & CEO of InterFlight Global

High Speed Aerospace Transportation (HSAT) workshop

November 16 - 17, 2023

Midland, TX

Space for Kentucky

Oct 26 and Nov 30 at 6:00-7:30 PM Eastern

GSA Spaceport Summit

January 29 in Orlando, FL


01:15 Introduction of Oscar Garcia

01:57 Space For Kentucky

3:00 Need for faster planes

4:08 About Oscar Garcia

06:52 Point-to-Point

09:47 Supersonic aircraft

11:35 InterFlight Global

13:03 Need more airports

15:46 High Standards

17:39 What if we did not develop airports?

20:21 Tourism and appreciation of other cultures

23:00 Getting the message out

23:29 High-Speed Aerospace Technology (HSAT) Event

28:39 Supersonic, hypersonic, and suborbital differences

32:32 SpaceX testing

32:45 Kitty Hawk and the Wright Brothers

34:00 Timeline for the next 20 years

36:42 Everything is faster but the movement of goods and people

38:34 Fly fast, fly safe

41:34 If you have an airport and you want to make it supersonic - contact Oscar


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