Space Marketing Podcast - Julie Bonner with Freefall Aerospace
Space Marketing PodcastOctober 25, 202300:35:55

Space Marketing Podcast - Julie Bonner with Freefall Aerospace

Join Izzy for a conversation with Julie Bonner, the Director of Communications at Freefall Aerospace. In this informative chat, they explore the fascinating world of satellite and ground station technology, as well as the ins and outs of marketing a space tech company.

During their discussion, Izzy and Julie touch on the challenges and successes of working within this space industry. They also underline the significance of having a marketing professional as part of the team, and how this role helps in promoting the company to both the general public and potential investors. Get ready for their conversation as they shed light on the space tech industry and the strategies that drive it forward.

Julie Bonner

Director of Communications

FreeFall Aerospace

Importance of a marketing professional

Arizona Technology Council

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Arizona Spaceport Alliance - Space Marketing Podcast episode -

Arizona State University

University of Arizona

She Tech


01:12 Meet Julie Bonner

04:24 About Freefall Aerospace

07:22 Importance of a marketing professional

10:16 Marketing Challenges

11:12 Show how it benefits the customers

12:04 The other marketing challenge - non-disclosure agreements

13:05 Make sure you exist with a consistent brand

14:51 Getting your story out, even if it is only to investors

15:49 Marketing in the boardroom

17:30 Marketing Successes - Creating the brand

20:10 Marketing is everything you do

21:11 Creative people

24:02 Where do you see space in the future?

26:27 Final thoughts of the day


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