Meet the educators for Space for Kentucky Roundtable
Space Marketing PodcastAugust 30, 202300:30:20

Meet the educators for Space for Kentucky Roundtable

Izzy introduces the speakers that will be presenting on the next Space for Kentucky Roundtable that is focused on Back to School: Educator Resources and Tools on August 31 at 6 PM Eastern Time. 

Space for Kentucky is another project that Izzy hosts that focuses on introducing people to the space industry and gets them excited about bringing it to their area. 

These educators provide outreach and education which are powerful marketing facets that can spread powerful ideas that can change lives. 

We will have five expert speakers with resources and tools to bring space into the classroom. 

Video episode:

Space for Kentucky Roundtable -

Space for Kentucky Speakers:

Courtney Black with International Space Station National Laboratory

Deepika Sangam with NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Kaci Heins with Limitless Space Institute

Mark Wagner, Ph.D. with ARES Learning

Robert Aillon with Leviathan Space Industries LLC

Special highlight including Ambassador Baki from Ecuador's announcement of the Artemis Accords

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01:11 Izzy’s Story

03:28 Civil Air Patrol

05:47 Space for Kentucky: Back to School - Educator Resources and Tools

06:04 Previous guest on the Space Marketing Podcast

06:19 Courtney Black from International Space Station United States National Lab

08:23 Kaci Heins from Limitless Space Institute

13:02 Teacher Tuesday at Limitless Space Institute

16:00 Dr. Deepika Sangam from NASA

16:53 Dr. Mark Wagner from ARES Learning

21:11 Robert Aillon, President of the Guayaquil Space Society and CEO of Leviathan Space Industries LLC

25:14 Ambassador Baki announces the signing of the Artemis Accords

26:30 Ecuador focuses on education


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