Inspiring the future generation - Kaci Heins at Limitless Space Institute
Space Marketing PodcastAugust 16, 202300:41:24

Inspiring the future generation - Kaci Heins at Limitless Space Institute

Our guest on this Space Marketing Podcast is Kaci Heins. She is Director of Education with the Limitless Space Institute. Limitless Space Institute’s mission is Inspire and educate the next generation to travel beyond our solar system and support the research and development of enabling technologies.

Kaci is one of the expert panelists for the Space for Kentucky Roundtable on Aug 31 for the Back to school - Educator Resources and Tools. Limitless Space Institute provides experience, education, and tools for educators to bring space to the classroom.

Limitless Space Institute mission provides comprehensive resources and support to K-12 educators, provide community outreach programming, and develop K-12 STEM lesson plans tied to interstellar space travel.

Video version:


01:17 Space for Kentucky

02:21 Introduction of Kaci Heins

03:14 Kaci’s journey to the space industry

07:53 Limitless Space Institute video clip

12:32 About Limitless Space Institute

16:09 Wright Brothers to Warp Drive

17:50 Transition from teacher to Director of Education

19:59 Three pillars - Curriculum design

19:59 Three pillars - Educator Professional Development

21:50 Three pillars - Community Outreach

22:06 Next round of applications 2024 Cohort launches on Aug 15

22:35 Rober Aillon

23:06 Teaching Challenges

24:00 Outreach challenges

27:20 Marketing

28:38 Successful outreach strategies

30:01 Future of space

35:32 Final Thoughts

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