Building a Kingdom in Saudi Arabia - Mansour AlJawini
Space Marketing PodcastAugust 23, 202300:34:54

Building a Kingdom in Saudi Arabia - Mansour AlJawini

Last week’s episode of Space Marketing Podcast focused on space education from an educator's perspective with Kaci Heins at Limitless Space Institute. This week, we travel to the other side of the space education segment and speak with Mansour AlJawini - a university student of space and marketing from Saudi Arabia. 

Mansour and Izzy discuss marketing and the initiatives of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the country transitions into a sustainability leader of the future and the power of marketing to create change that inspires the next generation. 

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01:21 Introduction

03:21 Studies

3:47 Interest in space

04:49 Axiom launch

05:17 Saudi Vision 2030

08:10 Axiom astronauts reflects diversity

08:56 Boosters

09:41 Launch inspiration

12:26 Marketing

15:04 The most exciting part

16:35 Senior year

19:26 Artificial Intelligence

22:30 Marketing is a tool

24:32 Saudi and Middle East Initiative

28:35 Final Thoughts


Humans to Mars Conference

Marymount University

Axiom Launch

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia bought the final two seats on Axiom’s mission, with Rayyanah Barnawi and Ali al-Qarni flying as mission specialists. Barnawi is the first Saudi woman to fly in space.”

Vision 2030

Neom - The Line

Saudi and Middle East Initiative


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