Space Marketing Podcast with Arturo Machuca and Dr. David Alexander with Houston Spaceport
Space Marketing PodcastOctober 26, 202200:50:27

Space Marketing Podcast with Arturo Machuca and Dr. David Alexander with Houston Spaceport

The Houston Spaceport is a stellar example of an ecosystem designed to support space exploration as well as its community. Co-located at Ellington Airport, the growing campus property is becoming home to some major players in the space industry. Facilities are outfitted to assist in their tenants’ reach for orbit, the Moon, and beyond.

The Spaceport is federally licensed for horizontal launches and can facilitate testing and other lower-level flights. A major part of the Houston Spaceport Houston Aerospace Support Center is innovation.

This spaceport also provides resources to its tenants. Join us as we have great conversation about how two of Houston Spaceport’s leaders connect with the community creating an ecosystem that benefits all involved.


Arturo Machuca

Director of Ellington Airport & Houston Spaceport


Dr. David Alexander OBE

Director, Rice Space Institute


Video Episode

Houston Spaceport

Ellington Field

Rice University - Rice Space institute

Houston Spaceport Rice University Lecture Series



Intuitive Machines

NOVA-C Lunar Lander - Launching to the Moon in 2023


Axiom Space

ISS modules


Collins Aerospace

Space suit

Venus Aerospace


San Jacinto College

The EDGE Center

Rice University

University of Houston

Texas A&M University

University of Houston, Clearlake

Texas Southern University

HS CREW - Houston Spaceport Center for Research and Workforce Development

Spaceport Summit

Global Spaceport Alliance


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