Space Sustainability with guest Daniel Smith with AstroAgency
Space Marketing PodcastFebruary 21, 202400:56:01

Space Sustainability with guest Daniel Smith with AstroAgency

In this episode of the Space Marketing Podcast, Izzy continues to chat with marketing professionals on the agency side. Today we will meet with Daniel Smith with AstroAgency from Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom. The UK is becoming a leader in the space industry. While most countries look at establishing one spaceport, the UK is building seven!. They are serious about space And they are leading the way with eco-friendly facilities and launch methods.

Daniel Smith with AstroAgency is raising his voice to help the U.K and the world to tell their story of space.

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Founder & Creative Director



1:11 Meet Daniel Smith, Founder & Creative Director of AstroAgency

2:22 Daniel’s journey to the space industry

6:03 Space needs skilled professionals and marketers (marketeers)

6:32 AstroAgency

8:17 The need for space awareness and public disconnect

9:48 Fire Arrow - assisting countries develop sovereign launch capabilities

13:02 Space Bar

17:05 Hold on to your boosters

17:35 What are some marketing challenges

22:18 Why businesses need marketing

24:39 Successful marketing campaigns and strategies and why they were successful

26:26 Campaign with Clear Space, Astroscale, and UK Space Agency going to music and science festivals to promote space

29:30 UK and their space sustainability goals in space and on Earth

35:57 Workforce development

41:34 Ukrainian war with Russia

46:12 Future of space in the next 10-20 years

50:54 Final thoughts


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