Space Marketing Podcast with Dr. George Nield
Space Marketing PodcastJuly 06, 202200:36:43

Space Marketing Podcast with Dr. George Nield

Welcome to the Space Marketing Podcast where we explore marketing principles, strategies, and tactics through the lens of space.

Spaceports provide a critical infrastructure to space. They launch our eyes and our futures while providing a valuable link to what lies beyond the orbit. The spaceport industry is our gateway to space. Just as the aviation industry began building at the beginning of the last century, spaceports are building their infrastructure. Communication is vital between spaceports and their audience if they are to grow to support a healthy space economy. Marketing spaceports is where we begin our Space Marketing podcast.

Today’s guest is a visionary in the spaceport industry with an impressive history in space. Currently - he serves as the President of Commercial Space Technologies, LLC, which was founded to encourage, facilitate, and promote commercial space activities. He is a new Blue Origin astronaut and Chairman Global Spaceport Alliance.

Watch the Blue Origin flight with Dr. Nield

Global Spaceport Alliance

National Spaceport Network Development Plan

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