International Space University comes to North America
Space Marketing PodcastSeptember 06, 202301:00:08

International Space University comes to North America

The last few weeks on the Space Marketing Podcast, Izzy has journeyed to the space education segment and spoken with educators and a student from Saudi Arabia. This week, we round out the education segment and speak with a Ken Davidian from the International Space University (ISU)! ISU is expanding into the North American area. Ken Davidian, Vice President for North American Operations at International Space University, is leading the charge. 

Check out the ISU Crash Course in Houston on November 15 to get a taste of ISU’s space program expertise. 

The International Space University is dedicated to the discovery, research, and development of outer space and its applications for peaceful purposes, through international and multidisciplinary education and research programs. 

ISU Crash Course


01:18 Introduction

01:54 Ken’s Journey to Space

04:59 About the International Space University (ISU)

07:25 Notable ISU Leadership

10:06 The Values

12:49 Diversity

16:53 Bigotry

23:25 Marketing and Adoption

24:23 Support Professions

28:10 Marketing Experts

30:32 Marketing Challenges

32:11 Marketing Successes

37:19 Be Excellent

40:02 New Space Journal

43:19 New Business Model

46:47 Space Future

50:38 Space Education

53:45 Final Thoughts


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